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At Southern, we want to act sustainably, not only for ourselves, but for our children and our children’s children. That is why we have worked on a number of local and national campaigns that aim to promote sustainability and provide the public with valuable information on how to incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday lives.

We also understand how sustainability is good for business. Building sustainability into your brand, makes that brand reputable and more appealing to other organisations who are trying to hit sustainability goals of their own.

Laois Climate Action Plan Southern School
Climate Action Laois County Council Blue and Orange
Laois Climate Action Plan 6

Laois County Council in taking on a leadership role on climate action in partnership with local communities, asked Southern to produce a series of videos to highlight multiple sustainability projects such as retrofitting and Laois libraries’ new program “Stepping Stones to Sustainability”.

Laois Climate Action Plan Southern School 3
Laois Climate Action Plan Southern School 2

MyWaste tasked Southern with creating a social media campaign for their #WeChooseReuse initiative with gifs, videos and other bespoke social assets to remind us all that the small change to a reusable cup, can make a big difference.

MyWaste Southern
Love Limerick Don't Litter Southern

Limerick City and County Councils were concerned that their anti-litter message had become a little like wallpaper for a large cohort – they had simply stopped noticing it. They asked Southern to build a new, striking campaign to bring an age old message back to life.

Love Limerick Don't Litter Cups Southern
Paint Smarter Southern Media

Have you checked your shed recently for tins of paint – now long dried up – that you saved, in the sure knowledge that you’d be needing them again? It probably sounds familiar.

Paint Smarter Southern Media
Paint Smarter Southern Media
Paint Smarter Southern Media