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UL Hospitals Logo Southern Services

After an initial meeting to listen to the particular requirements the client had, we decided to build creative that targeted nurses who were currently working abroad, but who wanted to return home to Ireland.

We planned, costed and ran a series of ads on recruitment websites across Ireland, the UK and further afield, using videos we created with UL Hospitals Group. These videos served to head off preconceptions, showcasing the new state-of-the-art facilities, the Group’s key focus on patient care and how the culture of the organisation really promoted staff well-being.

HSE White Southern Marketing Design Media

We also ran this campaign across social media, to reach the people we needed to talk to. We constantly freshened content for this campaign, pushing it far and wide, and monitored impressions over a period of six weeks, reporting to the Group frequently with updates and advice. The campaign was extremely fruitful: Croom Orthopedic Hospital is now staffed with nurses of all grades, from multiple disciplines, with invaluable experience from right across the globe.

20 Fifty Logo Southern Services

20FIFTY Partners contacted Southern because they needed help targeting the people and sectors who needed support on their journey to sustainability.

We created and managed online campaigns on a range of channels to make relevant businesses aware of the resources available to them through 20FIFTY Partners.

The campaigns ran over a period of XYZ weeks and during this time we worked closely with the team at 20FIFTY Partners, sharing impressions and engagement analytics with them so we could tailor details and make sure we were reaching their intended audiences.