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Libraries Ireland
Right to Read

Right to Read is a programme by Libraries Ireland to promote literacy and reading development for people of all ages and backgrounds, with a particular focus on children.

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Libraries Ireland Southern Marketing

Right to Read currently includes four national programmes designed to promote children’s reading and literacy. Southern designed colourful imagery, animations and motion graphics for these programmes, creating worlds and characters to excite and inspire children to ‘Spring into Storytime’.

Spring into Storytime Libraries Ireland Right to Read Southern

One - Local Government Services

The Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) is a state agency that provides a range of professional services to local authorities. They manage over one thousand services for the Irish public every day, from housing to heritage, from parks to planning, and much more.

LGMA Southern Marketing Design Media

Because there are so many services, the LGMA wanted to make it easier for the public to access service information through a new website. The website was new and needed promoting, so Southern developed the ‘One’ concept to bring it into the public domain. This animated piece is engaging, accessible to all, and allowed the LGMA to make the memorable ‘One’ concept prominent.

One LGMA 3 Southern Marketing Design Media

The Care Aware Crew Project

The Care Aware Crew Project is an initiative by the Health Sciences Academy to teach primary school children the knowledge and practical skills they need around first aid.

The Care Aware Crew Southern Branding

We worked with healthcare experts from UL Hospitals Group, the University of Limerick, Mid West Community Healthcare and the Limerick & Clare Education & Training Board on a number of animated videos on topics such as head injuries and how to call an ambulance.

Animation was the perfect tool for these videos, as they needed to be fun and engaging but also deliver accurate information to the children in an inclusive and accessible way. Pupils completed an evaluation of the project, where they noted that the animated videos were their preferred method of learning.

Arm Bandage The Care Aware Crew Southern


My Waste is Ireland’s official guide to managing your waste responsibly, efficiently and in the way that suits you. MyWaste contacted Southern to create a campaign to help reduce our dependency on single use coffee cups through switching to a reusable option for our daily (or twice daily!) cuppa!

MyWaste Marketing Design Media Southern

As disposable cups are made largely from paper many people believe they can be recycled.  Unfortunately this is not the case as they are usually lined with plastic polyethylene. We created a campaign for MyWaste with playful animations at the very centre. Our creatives are quick, focussed and offer the public useful advice around managing their waste responsibly as a part of their daily lives.

HSE - Data Protection

The Health Service Executive (HSE) provides public health and social care services to the Irish public. For this reason, HSE staff deal with a lot of personal data. The HSE data protection team got in contact with Southern to create a series of short, information videos offering practical advice for staff on best practices around data protection and information management.

HSE Southern Marketing Design Media