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Connolly Man

A brand that lives, breathes and grows with its customers.

Tony Connolly opened his first store in William Street, Limerick in 1970, and the business has since gone from strength to strength, opening three more stores across Munster. We have been working with Tony and the Connolly family for 25 years to reinforce the basic philosophies that form the cornerstone of the Connolly Man brand – quality clothing, extensive choice and exceptional customer care.

Over the years, we have worked with Connolly Man on building and retaining a brand identity where tradition meets innovation, and that resonates with contemporary customers that return year on year.

Derrin Group

A brand on a journey of growth.

Derrin Group is a leader in providing solutions in residential property development, civil engineering contracting and the management of a diverse portfolio of investments. They wanted to build a brand that demonstrated their clear focus on performance, growth and client satisfaction, and that’s where we came in.

We developed a brand identity for Derrin, working very closely with the team on each step of the process, making sure we incorporated all the little elements that combine to make Derrin who they are. The new Derrin branding is now visible across every part of the organisation, from sites and vehicles to stationary, branded clothing and signage.

We’re Breastfeeding Friendly

A brand to instigate change.

‘We’re Breastfeeding Friendly Limerick’ is an initiative by Limerick City and County Council in conjunction with Healthy Ireland. The initiative aims to improve the health and wellbeing of breastfeeding mothers, babies and their families by promoting of breastfeeding friendly businesses, organisations and communities.

We're Breastfeeding Friendly Southern Brand Identity

By displaying the ‘We’re Breastfeeding Friendly Limerick’ brand mark we devised at Southern, establishments across Limerick can show that they are supportive of mothers that need to feed on demand.

Businesses, organisations and community groups are displaying the brand mark with the stickers, signage, merchandise as well as by using, social media assets that Southern created for the initiative.

UL Hospitals Group

A brand that is caring for us.

UL Hospitals Group is made up of six hospitals across the Midwest region. UL Hospitals Group provides health and social care services to the people of the Midwest region and wanted their brand to be both recognisable and approachable.

While they had developed a brand mark internally, the Group asked us to refine their identity, defining the brand ‘voice’ and put in place a set of brand resources.

UL Hospitals Group Southern Brands

We developed a set of comprehensive branding guidelines, modified for internal use and external use, that were easy for staff across the entire organisation to follow.

Having implemented Southern’s new brand mark, guidelines and various other resources, UL Hospitals Group stands up as an brand with distinctive presence that is approachable to patients, their families and staff alike.

Limerick City and County Council

A brand that brings people together.

Limerick City Council and Limerick County Council came together as one in 2014 in a moment of historical significance to form Limerick City and County Council. They knew that their rebrand at the time, would say a lot about the type of organisation they wanted to be.

Lmerick City & County Council Logo Southern Design Branding

We knew that this brand identity needed to be about unifying city and county. We adapted elements of the Limerick Riverside City logo – a brand previously developed for the city by Southern – giving it new life for this newly united council. The brand mark depicts the River Shannon being shared by both sides – city and county as equal partners. This branding now appears across Limerick City and County Council’s buildings, vehicles, publications, correspondence and at all council led events and is familiar to people right across county Limerick.


A brand that speaks to the people of Limerick.

One of the country’s foremost and most pioneering local radio stations. They wanted to bring the radio station more centrally into people’s lives, to really reflect their listenership and foster the warm relationship that was already there.

Live 95 Southern Branding Marketing Design

They wanted a brand that spoke about where they are now – and where Limerick is now. A brand that would be bright, contemporary and inviting, and will travel with them and their listeners for years to come.