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Local government in Ireland provides hundreds of services ranging from roads; planning; housing; economic and community development; environment, recreation and amenity services; libraries and fire services. Unfortunately, a lot of this work that keeps us all healthy, safe, and informed, can go unnoticed – that’s where Southern comes in!

We understand local government and the brilliant work that they do. We understand their place in the community and their responsibility to that community. We understand value for money… and we understand timelines, and We are experts in targeting the audiences that need to hear your message, creating public campaigns that resonate, locally and nationally.

Have a look at some of the work we have completed for local government agencies below:

Carlow CraftHub Southern Marketing Design Media

Promoting collaborations between designers, artists, and traditional craftspeople. Seeking to connect traditional and contemporary craft practices and to foster innovation and creativity within the sector.

CraftHub Carlow
Carlow CraftHub Southern
Carlow CraftHub image
Laois Climate Action
Laois Climate Action Plan Southern School
Climate Action Laois County Council Blue and Orange
Laois Climate Action Plan 6

To promote sustainability and provide the public with valuable information on how to incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday lives.

Laois Climate Action Plan Southern School 3
Laois Climate Action Plan Southern School 2
LGMA Traffic Southern Marketing Design Media

Highlighting the often unseen work performed every day on behalf of the public by Ireland’s Councils.

LGMA Working For You Water Southern
LGMA The Local Government Management Agency Gif 2
LGMA Working For You Night Southern