Our creative team produces original, clearly presented work. With a strong artistic drive, our design concepts are always driven by the specific needs of the project.

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corporate identity

Your corporate philosophy should penetrate every element of the marketing campaign, with the personality of your company being communicated by a fusion of image, communication and values. By creating a positive and distinctive Corporate Identity, a set of guidelines can help determine all further marketing decisions.


A strong brand image captures the essence of the company to which it is attached, helping to build recognition by being consistent across different media. Southern will create a unique brand identity, which is an invaluable asset in a highly competitive environment.

marketing collateral

Southern design a large selection of marketing collateral to support virtually all advertising and marketing campaigns.

When you think about it, outside of mainstream media, there’s an infinite range of possibilities for product promotion and your advertising message.

display & exhibition

We have countless events to our credit, from simple pull up display panels for showrooms to totally bespoke exhibition stands requiring serious construction technique, together with sophisticated lighting and electronics.

We design graphics for patented display systems and project manage a complete audio visual set up from product launches to promotional, instore and corporate events.